One week to go!

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Hope everyone is still enjoying their Creative Arts in-school experiences. I haven’t heard from everyone via this blog but will no doubt learn all about it in Week 12. Don’t forget that in Week 12, you will need to ‘share’ your in-school experiences with the rest of the group. You can use ANY form that you feel is appropriate ie video, song, powerpoint, role-play, etc etc. Furthermore you need to decide the size of your groups ie pair, 3-4 or other.

Look forward to hearing/seeing all about it!



First class!

•April 20, 2010 • 5 Comments

Following your first Creative Arts class today, I would really like it if everyone could share ‘ a tale’. Perhaps its humorous, annoying, challenging, frustrating, positive … Let’s keep everyone in the loop?

Also if you haven’t signed up for this blog, please do so. I would like this to be a community of creative learners!

Kind regards


Herding Cats

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In-school experience

•March 30, 2010 • 1 Comment

Dear Creative Arts students

I’ve set up this blog so you can share anything that’s happening whilst you are on your in-school experience at either Nth Sydney Dem or Crown Street. I will be accessing it regularly so I can gauge what’s happening & offer any suggestions/feedback.

Given the creative nature of the unit, I’ve also posted a short video that I think might appeal to you!

Good luck!